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Morgan's Steep Mountain SnowFresh off Will’s loom, not even yet trimmed, is my latest project. Using the one warp of “Morgan’s Steep” colors (purple, green, black, and yellow) there on the right is a 6 foot long scarf in the “Morgan’s Steep Tartan,” woven in an Advancing Twill. On the left, a 3 foot table scarf in the “Snow on the Mountain” design, woven in the Horizontal Bell Celtic Twill.

Together they represent the beautiful overlook of Morgan’s Steep, in the summer when colors are rich and vibrant, and in the winter with a light dusting of snow on the ground.

The tartan scarf sells for $60.00, and the smaller table scarf for $30.00.

Below, pictures of Morgan’s Steep in summer and winter.

Summer Colors and Winter Snow

morgans-steep-rock-summer      Morgan Snow