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Marriage Equality Tartan StoleThis summer the General Convention of the Episcopal Church amended Canon 18, its Marriage Canon, to define Marriage as between two people, in keeping with the earlier decision of the United States Supreme Court. Except in a handful of Dioceses where Diocesan Bishops will be allowed to dissent as long as they are in office, Marriage Equality is now a reality in the Episcopal Church.

To mark this equality milestone in the life of the Church, Ephods & Pomegranates is producing our “Canon 18 Tartan Stole.”

The first one is about to come off the loom.  Additional versions will be in a variety of styles, each one-of-a-kind.  Watch our Liturgical and Prayer Page for availability and prices.

The many colors of the rainbow make for a very labor-intensive product, but we are keeping the price as low as possible, so many clergy will be able to afford one.

Price: $100.00