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The Tallit Prayer Shawl

Prayer Shawl Will      Prayer Shawl Glyn

These Prayer Shawls are for your personal use in prayer, shown here
in light or dark blue stripes,
but other colors/designs are possible

They are approximately 21″ wide by 8′ long (plus fringe)
and can be fitted with Tassels at the four corners.
They are made from 100% mercerized cotton and are gently washable,
though we recommend dry cleaning.

What makes a Tallit Kosher?

Our Tallits are about 21″ – 22″ wide and 8′ long plus fringe, which makes them the narrower, around the shoulders version rather than the larger over the head type.  They are made from a single fiber, 100% cotton, and the four fringes (tzitzit) are made from the same fiber.  They are tied in our own style, with five knots.  Of course you could add your own, in any of the traditional styles.  There are many opinions about what makes a proper Tallit, but we feel confident ours are appropriate to wear in Temple in most places, as well as at home.  Our reference is this excellent article in Ben’s Tallit Shop.

Check with your own Rabbi about wearing in Temple.

Price:  $225.00
Allow 4 – 6 Weeks for Delivery

The Tallits shown here were woven by Will.
You can ask for your design and color for the stripes, within some limitations.