2 thoughts on “Iona 2 Harvest”

  1. I’m wondering if the Seafoam is a blue/gray or blue/silver or mostly gray/silver? Also, interested in colorway 2, Harvest. Please
    advise. I am a member of the St. Andrews group traveling to Iona on July 8. Got this website tonight from Jennifer, after seeing her
    shawl and also, that of my friend, Melissa Crouch. So excited about this trip. And so excited to have this information about such a
    talented family. Jane Ross


    • Hi Jane ~ The “Seafoam” is what Lion Brand Yarn calls “Cloud” It is most gray/silver/white. With a perhaps hint of beige. The “Harvest” is a Lion Brand name. We call it “Granite Sunset,” but on our website it looks a bit brighter than it really is. The question is, would you prefer the lighter silver/gray/white, or the darker red/gold/green? The seafoam is like the white caps on the ocean breakers. The Harvest is like the sunset light on the red/green rocks. (To me, the Harvest yarn is the more reminiscent of Iona!) If you are interested, we still have time to make it, but we’d have to start right away. We’re so excited you’re going to Iona! And with Jennifer!


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