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Mozart Scarf 3My first venture into the art of the handweaving of Baroque music on a loom is complete.  I am willing to bet that, unless you have been following this blog, you have never seen anything like it.

The horizontal color bands on the scarf are actually the musical score of the beginning theme from Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major (for violin) by W. A. Mozart.  Over my right shoulder it reads from bottom to top; over my left shoulder from top to bottom.  The color indicates the note, the width of the bar indicates the length of the note.  A wide black bar separates measures; a narrow black bar separates notes.

Thus, the first measure (top left, just under the violin) is a dotted quarter note B, an eighth note C, and a quarter note B.  The final measure (bottom left or top right) is a whole G.  You can play by reading the scarf just like a musical score.

The plaid effect comes from the multi-colored warp.  The warp threads are arranged in the Fibonacci Series of numbers (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 – then back down again.  In the center is a single narrow Golden thread, which signifies the Golden Mean.  Golden Mean is another name for the “Golden Section, or Golden Ratio,”  the division of a line so that the whole is to the greater part as that part is to the smaller part (i.e., in a ratio of 1 to 1/2 (√5 + 1)), a proportion that is considered to be particularly pleasing to the eye.  It is the basic concept in esthetically pleasing architecture, and the foundation of Sacred Geometry, used in the construction of the great Cathedrals and the Jerusalem Temple.  It is a ration that exists everywhere in nature, for example the spiral shell of the nautilus.

The Golden Section has great significance in many Gnostic traditions, including esoteric expressions of Freemasonry.  And Mozart was indeed a Freemason, as am I.

The point of the project is the close relationship between musical scores and weaving graphs.  The weaver and the musician are one; a genuine meeting of the Bow and Shuttle.

If you are curious, here is what the scarf “sounds like” when “played” on a piano:

The scarf is woven of mercerized cotton, and is about 8′ long by 6″ wide.

~ Will