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Woven Passacaglia 1Have you ever wondered what the sound of Bach looks like?  No, not on an oscilloscope, but in the rich colors of woven cloth, in a way that works just like sheet music?

You’ve probably seen me post before about the connection between music and weaving – the similarities between sheet music and weaving graphs.  My first [project was a portrayal of Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major.  Next was the Czech National Anthem, a gift for my first violin teacher, Lucie Carlson.

Here we have Passacaglia in C minor for organ, by Johann Sebastian Bach.  Each of the colors represents a different note, and the width of the bands indicates the time value of the note.  If you have the key to the colors, you can play this scarf just like sheet music.

Bach Passacaglia

In woven fabric, this is what the sound of Bach Looks like, the first 40 measures or so.  It begins and ends with the opening on the bass pedals. Listen below: