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Two new Tallits are now in our Etsy Shop.  These are about 20″ x 84″, handwoven from mercerized cotton.  We include a package of tzitzit strings from Israel, and instructions for tying your own tzitzits, which is the best tradition.

The stripes have an overshot woven pattern, which gives them a beautiful, lacy look.

Visit our Etsy Shop at Ephods and Pomegranates Etsy.


Tallit Capernaum 1

“Capernaum” Tallit $225.00

Tallit Capernaum 2

“Capernaum” Tallit $225.00

Tallit Siloam 1

“Siloam” Tallit $225.00

tallit Siloam 2

“Siloam” Tallit $225.00

Tallit Tzittzit

Tztitzit Strings from Israel Included