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The “Hatikva” Challah Covers warp is now on Will’s loom. 

This is an artistic rendition of the “woven music” concept, so there are no bar lines, or visual lines separating two of the same notes.  You can see that some of the wider bands represent more than one note.  (The final note is a half note, rather than a quarter note and rest as shown.)

Hatikva Challah Cover Ko– lod  ba-lei-vav      p’ni  —        mah,            ne-fesh ye- hu-di      ho –   mi –    ya

As long as within our hearts                               the Jewish soul sings . . .

These covers are made from washable 100% mercerized cotton, and are approximately 16″ x 20″

The sell for $40.00, and will be available in limited supply exclusively in the Ephods and Pomegranates Etsy Store when completed.