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Glyn & Will in Glencoe

Glyn & Will in Glencoe, Scotland


dayenu fog

RavenOak Cottage on Monteagle Mountain

Glyn and Will, along with Rudy the Schnoodle, began weaving in an 18th century farmhouse in Southeastern Pennsylvania, their home for thirteen years. Today they make their home in a small log cabin named RavenOak, on the South Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee (truly amid the ravens and the oaks.)

They are especially glad to be able to retire back to the Mountain, where they both graduated from The School of Theology, University of the South, Will in 1981, Glyn in 1992.

all saints

All Saints Chapel, Sewanee

Will at Loom     Glyn at Loom

At the Looms


Glyn has recently as a pastor in the Episcopal Church, where she had a congregation in a neighboring town. She is a hand weaver and designs and produces textiles, church ornaments, and clothing. She writes a blog about weaving, spirituality, and good food, called All Good Gifts.


Will is a retired minister who has authored numerous books of poetry, fiction and spirituality.  When not writing, gardening or blogging, he has been known to play the bagpipes and the mountain dulcimer.  His other blog is Tales of Avalon.

Piper Dulcimer Will

See their latest books at:

Poetry Anthology 2 Greatful Hearts Cover

Of course Rudy is the real Ruler of the Roost ~ He sleeps at the foot of the bed every night, often under the covers, and does not believe Will & Glyn should hug one another without including him in on it!

rudybut rudy3 Rudy in Parlor

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