Mountain Tartan Line

Now Available

Now Available

The First Bolt, “The Sewanee Cross” is finished. Contact us if you wish to order something made from this plaid.
Through “Ephods & Pomegranates” we will soon be introducing a line of “Mountain Tartans” for scarves, table runners, and ecclesiastical stoles. The patterns are based upon the famous bluff overlooks, local Monteagle landmarks and sites around the campus at Sewanee.

Here is a sneak peek at some of them. All designs are copyright 2015 by Ephods & Pomegranates. All Rights Reserved. No form of reproduction or storage is authorized. These designs are subject to alteration.

Ask about availability and lead times.

Green's View Three Morgan's Steep

Green’s View Morgan’s Steep

The Cross All Saints

The Cross All Saints

Shenanigans Theologs

Shenanigans Theolog

Mountain Lion Mountain Goat

Mountain Lion Mountain Goat

Yellowjackets Rebel's Rest

Yellowjackets Rebel’s Rest

2 thoughts on “Mountain Tartan Line”

  1. Lane M. Price MD said:

    Gorgeous! I will run by Taylor’s to see some of your work in person. Are you planning to sell the material by the yard? Any idea what the price will be? What will be ready for Christmas? Green’s View, Morgan Steep, and Shenanigans are my favorites.

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    • Dear Dr. Price – There will be additional Thanksgiving and Christmas products online and at Taylor’s soon. There is presently one Morgan’s Steep scarf at Taylor’s if it hasn’t sold! We’ll be starting on all that shortly. Also watch this site for news of woven tote bags. Unfortunately we do not do fabric by the yard – we’re not really set up for that kind of production weaving. But regarding individual items – placemats, runners, shawls, scarves, etc: any items you see on the website (or something else you might suggest) can be done as a custom order. When you go by Taylor’s they may have more than what they presently have out, so ask them to show it all to you. Thanks so very much for getting in touch – we hope you see something you like!


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