Tallits and Prayer Stoles

The Tallit Prayer Shawl

Prayer Shawl Will Prayer Shawl Glyn

These Prayer Shawls are for your personal use in prayer, shown here
in light or dark blue stripes,
but other colors/designs are possible

They are approximately 21″ wide by 8′ long (plus fringe)
and can be fitted with Tassels at the four corners.
They are made from 100% mercerized cotton and are gently washable,
though we recommend dry cleaning.

Will KippaWhat makes a Tallit Kosher?

Our Tallits are about 21″ wide and 8′ long plus fringe, which makes them the narrower, around the shoulders version rather than the larger over the head type. They are made from a single fiber, 100% cotton, and the four fringes (tzitzit) are made from the same fiber. They are tied in our own style, with five knots. Of course you could add your own, in any of the traditional styles. There are many opinions about what makes a proper Tallit, but we feel confident ours are appropriate to wear in Temple in most places, as well as at home. Our reference is this excellent article in Ben’s Tallit Shop.

Check with your own Rabbi about wearing in Temple.

Price: $225.00
Allow 4 – 6 Weeks for Delivery

The Tallits shown here were woven by Will.
You can ask for your design and color for the stripes, within some limitations.


The Personal Prayer Stole

Shown just off the loom and not yet trimmed and pressed – five “Prayer Stoles” to wear for private prayer, visiting the sick, etc. A small version of the Prayer Shawl at a lower price, about 4.25 X 60 inches, long enough to drape around your shoulders without looking like a liturgical vestment. Note – these prayer stoles are NOT just for clergy – they are for everyone! 100% mercerized cotton. $35.00.

All five are already spoken for, but I will put some more on the loom next week. Meanwhile, you can order one, and custom specify the color and design of the stripes!

Prayer Stoles Prayer Stole on Loom
Prayer StolesOur Personal Prayer Stoles are not just for Seminarians, and certainly not just for Clergy.

They are a personal prayer garment for anyone who likes to create a sanctified personal prayer space – one they can take with them wherever they go. But because the design is so versatile, we’ve decided to offer the idea of “Seminarian” Prayer Stoles – not because Seminarians are more likely to be devout, but because we know from experience that Seminarians are frequently in need of prayer!

Our personal prayer stoles are about 60″ long by 4.25″ wide: small enough that they cannot be confused with a standard clergy Eucharistic stole, and can be quite portable – useful wherever you wish to pause for prayer. They are a smaller and less expensive version of our larger prayer shawls. They can be ordered in custom colors. Our “Seminarian” line, shown here, is certainly “unofficial,” not endorsed by any of the seminaries. But we have chosen colors suggested by each of the seminary seals. The association with any educational institution is ours alone, but you might like to have a Seminarian Prayer Stole whose colors suggest your school:
Seminary Prayer Stoles

1 – VTS 2 – CDSP 3 – Berkeley 4 – General 5 – SSW 6 – EDS

7 – Bexley 8 – Seabury 9 – Trinity 10 – Nashota 11 – Sewanee


Of course the Prayer Stoles above are not restricted to students or alumni of the various seminaries! If you see one you like, go ahead and order it.

And many folks are already using our Prayer Stoles in colors of their own choosing. Here are some:

To Order, contact us at 610-357-6813, or g.ruppemelnyk2015@gmail.com

or order from our Etsy Shop: Etsy Visit