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The Ephods & Pomegranates Weaving Studio is located in a small log cabin in the woods, near the edge of a 1,000 foot bluff on the South Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.

The Bluff, and our Studio in the Clouds

overlook2     dayenu fog

The Gardens in Summer

Dayenu in Summer     Dayenu in Summer 2

The Weaving Loft, Above Our Great Room

Loft Long

Mountain Dulcimers Adorn the Stairway and Are Often Played

Loft Dulcimer

Climbing the Stairs to the Weaving Loft

Loft Stairs

 Glyn on Her Loom

Loft Loom

Glyn at Her Loom, Will’s Loom in Background
Warping Board on the Wall at Left

Loft Loom 2

Will at His Loom

Will at Loom

Small Part of Yarn Inventory

Loft Yarn


Steps in a Weaving Project

Design a Pattern and Choose the Yarn:

Rainbow Equality Stole   Rainbow Stole

Measure out the Warp on the Warping Board, Thread through the Reed and Heddles:

    Loft Board   thread reed   thread heddles

Let the Weaving begin:

Marriage Equality Tartan Stole 





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