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Stole LentenOn Will’s loom at the moment is a Eucharistic stole which portrays a holistic approach to Lent.

Purple and Black represent the Penitence, Passion and Death of the Lenten journey.

Green is for life, which is what it is all about, and the greening of the world around us in springtime.  (The word Lent comes from the Anglo-Saxon Lencten, or Lengthen, because Spring is the time of the lengthening of days, and the appearance of new, green life.)

Gold is for the Resurrection, the promise of which is always present at the Core of it all.

Why “Holistic”?  Because there is more to Lent than just, well, Lent.  Lent takes place within the full context of the story of Salvation. These colors in the warp lie beneath a weft of much lighter Purple, or Lavender, to remind us that even in Lent the joy of the Good News brightens our hearts and lightens our path.  To remind us that God brings wholeness out of our brokenness, the weave pattern is called Broken Twill.

But why weave a Lenten stole in the middle of July, with nearly a year to go before Lent rolls around again?  Sometimes the most important thing in weaving is practicality.  Remember a while back when we had to remove and rewind the warp for the Morgan’s Steep Tartan scarf?  (It was finally completely a bit ago – see an earlier post.) The warp suffered a good bit of damage in the process and yielded only one scarf.  This is a remnant of that warp, minus 12 threads on both sides that broke in the process.  What to so with a stole-width warp?  Weave a stole!

But this is more than only a Lenten stole.  With the warp colors for our Morgan’s SteepSewanee Lenten Stole Tartan, and the added purple, it is manifestly a Sewanee Stole, suitable for use by any Sewanee-grad cleric at any time of the year.

This one SOLD immediately, but we’ll take orders for more.  $75.00.

~ Will