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iona-bay                               The Colors of Iona: In the Scottish Hebrides

For many years we made annual trips to the Isle of Iona, off the west coast of Scotland.  It was always at the end of April, when days could be as beautiful as the picture above, or cold and dreary with rain and sleet coming down sideway, lashing at the windows of our little cottage.

Iona shawl AmazonIt was on those cold, wet days and nights that our idea for the Iona Shawl was born.  We would wrap ourselves in their soft, warm comfort, sip hot tea, and nibble on shortbread cookies.  We still wear our Iona Shawls today here at RavenOak Cottage, when the days are cold and dreary on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.

Now, through Ephods & Pomegranates, we’d like to make the Iona Shawl available to you.

These hand-woven shawls are custom order only, so you will need to connect with us to talk about color options.  We use only Lion Brand Homespun acrylic in the warp, and some examples are shown below.  Each shawl is about 24″ wide, and 96″ long, with fringe.

The Iona Shawl sells for $200.00.

There are three ways you can begin the ordering process:

By telephone at 610-357-7291

By Email: email_button

Or through our Amazon Store: amazon handmade

SAMPLE COLORS.  Please contact us before placing your order to ensure color availability.  Other colors may be available, please check with us.

  1. North End Rocks, 2. Granite Sunset, 3. Purple Heather, 4. The Nunnery, 5. Machair Grass, 6. Sea Foam